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It is an online session to help you to explore and accommodate what you saw, felt or experienced before, during and/or after the Sacred Plant Experience (SPE) that you had with a Healer, curandero or shaman.


 The Sacred Plant Integration session aims to help to bring the best of your Sacred Plant Experience (SPE) and to highlight aspects that you have not understood, have not processed or that are recurring, even after your SPE.

This session will help you to stabilize the experience you had with Natural Medicine Plants such as Ayahuasca, Peyote, Bufo Alvarius, Ibogaine, San Pedro or others, and that is expected to help you to integrate it to your daily life.

It is also ideal if you are thinking of  having a SPE or want to prepare yourself for a SPE.


Ricardo Goni is the one in charge of this sessions, Ricardo has worked with "Plantas Sagradas" since 2004 and was initiated by the Shipibo tradition to accompany Medicine ceremonies.


Cost £55 per session.


You can make your payment through paypal or electronic bank payment. 

A set of 6 to 10 sessions is recommended , specially if  there is a lot of material to unfold, if the experience was to intense, if panic attacks were triggered or if having the feeling of not completely coming back from the Experience.


Sacred medicine integration

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