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If you have experienced a ceremony with Sacred medicine of Ayahuasca, you will know that sometimes, returning from this reality can be challenging and confusing.

Maybe you faced new aspects of your being that at the moment of seeing them made complete sense but not now. Or you received messages but you don't know how to interpret them. What belongs to you and what belongs to the other reality? Is everything I saw true?

Frequently, after a ceremony with a master plant, several traumas open in the light of our conscience and sometimes, the time or the guide in the ceremony, are not enough to completely heal the wounds, as a result there may be dreams, nightmares or flashbacks related to the seen and lived in the ceremony. When wounds and channels are open, they need attention and accompaniment.

What to do when you return to this reality? How to stay in connection with the spiritual plane?

How to make what lived in the ceremony make sense in your life? How do you integrate in a normal day an experience as impressive and significant as this?

If the above resonates with you, believe me, you are not the only one, throughout my life I have heard countless similar stories, myself, when I had my first experience with Ayahuasca, I did not know exactly what to do with so much.

In this workshop we will share different experiences and we will help you to decipher the information that was provided through images, feelings and bodily sensations so that you decide what to do, how to accommodate it in the best way, we will give space to work with some of the open wounds and thus give movement, vitality and presence to the ceremony in your life.

Workshop accompanied by Ricardo Goni, Mexican Medicine Man. Ricardo has been accompanying Ayahuasca ceremonies around the world for more than 12 years under the Shipibo tradition.

Each personal process is very different, healing a wound is not something that is arranged as a dent in a car, it is something that requires time and dedication on your part and it may be necessary to attend this and other integration workshops, even take sessions one by one. one to continue the integration of your experience

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