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Meeting the Shadow

Shadows were seen as a curse in the past or the cause of sorcery as they also have a hidden power, they also speak their own language and we can connect to see what is the message or purpose, in this darkness is where we find answers and light.

We will use mirrors of obsidian from the Sierra Madre in Mexico made by mexican master artisans, keepers of the ancient traditions.
"Smoke mirrors" were used by Aztecs and Mayans to see through the shadows, when used correctly, it can be an effective tool of revelation and cleansing.

During this workshop we will recognize, clean and embrace the shadow, it's an emotional and bio-energetic process on which we will combine ancestral Mayan techniques and the Gestalt.

Workshop accompanied by Ricardo Goni (Mexico), Mayan healer, Shipibo practitioner.

BRING: a bottle of water, comfortable clothes, yoga mattress or similar.

PLEASE: If you are under psychiatric medication, anxiolitics or/and any psychiatric condition or had a suicide attempt, we strongly advice you to do not take this workshop.

Online tickets are not refundable but the name of the participant can be changed in advance.

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