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Lucid Dreaming

Lucid Dreaming is a practice that can help you to enter more smoothly and more consciously into the dreaming state. It can be experienced as an intensely vivid visualization, in which you start a dialogue (or interaction) with your subconscious state of mind. This practice has its foundations in both Transcendental Meditation and Ancient Mayan traditions.

In this workshop you will practice techniques for immersion into your subconscious mind to open the channels of your psyche, using Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) to help you deepen into the Lucid Dreaming state. The session will also explore a range of practices for you to continue developing the ancient art of dreams at home.

Together we will discuss the differences between a normal dream and a lucid dream, including how to recognize lucid dreams and how to use them as a source of answers, clarity and direction in your life.

Workshop facilitated by Ricardo Goni (Mexico).


Ricardo started having unusual experiences while dreaming when he was thirteen years old. This is when he began to explore various different techniques and spiritual paths. Ricardo has found that the Ancestral Traditions have an organic relationship with Lucid Dreaming practices. He has been practicing  Meditation since 1994.  

Lucid dreaming can support you to:

* Open a clear and honest dialogue with your subconscious mind and listen to your intuition

* Become more perceptive and aware of yourself and others

* Explore your creativity and allow it to be part of your life

* Work with your emotional unfinished business

* Increase physical health as a result of body relaxation and breathing techniques

* Discover and develop the full potential that you have as a human being

This practice is not suitable for those who are pregnant, those who are taking antidepressants or anxiolytics or those with psychiatric conditions. If you have any other chronic illness, please contact us in advance.

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