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If there is indecision or  sadness, heaviness, the sense of a hole in the persons body, inexplicable fears, if there is a cloudy mind or little energy or insomnia, if you sleep too much and are tired most of the time, there is clearly a shadow that could be emotional, energetic or more. 


This technique transmitted by the ancestors can help us to recover the courage and the desire to do, mobilizes us, takes away that cloud What is in the look, motivation, peace and joy returns. 


Process. this ancestral healing (transmitted by indigenous healers of the Seri community in the  North of  Mexico) consist in singing to bring the dark energy  to the surface which could be inside or around the service user, the healer makes contact with the shadow and starts the dialogue or healing. Dark energy in the body is released, the  protect and finally  a deep internal  journey to embrace the shadow.

First session.

in Mexico: Romina, Juan Carlos. $1000 

in Europe: Ricardo.  £50 (1 hour, also available online).

If there is need to work deeper and in different themes, a process is suggested, the ammount of sessions can be agreed.

You can pay through paypal or electronic bank transaction.


Lifting of the shadow

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