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Who are we?

We  found our heart in the ancient traditions of what is known as America, in the songs  and smells, in nature , in joy , in tears and ashes, we have learn in the the ceremonial places, in the temazcal, in the vision quest, and laugh with each other and we still have so many questions with no answer that's why we continue on the search.

We respect every tradition which foundations are aligned on keeping the natural world in balance, caring for other sentient beings, and supporting other humans in their self realization.


The Mayans  of Mexico and Guatemala, the Choctaw-Apache of North America and the Shipibo of Amazonas in Perú are  our grandfathers and grandmothers.

We believe that the ancient traditions need to be respected, honored and be shared with other humans, that's why, under the consent of our masters, we are taking their teachings and sharing it to the world.



Ricardo Goñi (México)

Ricardo is from Aztlan  area (Aztec area), he was grounded and formed in the Mayan Tzotzil traditions in the mountains of the South of Mexico.

He received the call from the Shipibo tradition in Amazons in Peru, 16 years ago. "Maestro Curandero" Hernan Camps Yopan formed him.

After being initiated, Ricardo  started a Peace Journey  in 2012 with the blessing of the Mayan Counsel, walking with Juan Carlos Reyes in  Mexico, Ricardo continued with the Peace Journey in South America and Europe where he does workshops, ceremonies and 1 to 1 healing sessions, he's actually based in Devon, U.K.

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Romina follow the Mayan traditions from Guatemala, specifically the Mam tradition, she planted her heart on the roots of the Lacandona jungle, guiding groups of men and women to find themselves there and to connect with the Universal nature.

Juan Carlos Reyes (Mexico)

From Guadalajara, Jal Mexico, descendent of  Purepecha  roots, formed by the Mexica and Wixarika traditions.

Juan Carlos guides  Vision Quests, Embrace to the earth  and Temaskal.


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María Estrada

María was formed in the Mayan traditions by Flori García (Mayan priest from Guatemala)

María holds Mayan sacred fire ceremonies and accompanies people for the last journey in this life and into the realms of the Big Mystery.

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