Who are we?

We have been found purpose in the ancient traditions of the world, in the songs  and colors, in nature , in joy , in tears and ashes, we have visited the ceremonial places and laugh with each other and we still have so many questions with no answer that's why we continue on the search.

We respect every tradition which foundations are aligned on keeping the natural world in balance, caring for other sentient beings, and supporting other humans in their self realization.


We have followed specially the Mayans of the mountain of Mexico and Guatemala, the Choctaw-Apache of North America and the Shipibo of Amazonas in Perú

We believe that the ancient traditions need to be respected, honored and be shared with other humans, that's why, under the consent of our masters, we are taking their teachings and sharing it to the world.


Romina Goni

Romina runs women circles and does ceremonies with the fire, she learned the mayan massage technique from Eduardo Barba and has been followed Flori and Saide (medicine women from Guatemala) more than 10 years ago.

Psychologist and healer.


                 La Casa del Alma

Juan Carlos Reyes

From Guadalajara, Jal Mexico, descendent of  Purepecha  Mestiza roots, formed by The Red Way, Mexica ; Wixarika, Maya, Lakota ( Vision Quest),

Juan Carlos guides  Vision Quests, Embrace to the earth  and Temaskal.


jcarlos reyesma

Ricardo Goni (México)

Ricardo met indigenous communities in 1998, Náhuatl, Wirrárika and Rarámuri.  In 2003 he received his initiation to the Spiritual Healing World from the Amazonic Ancestors .

In 2004  he moved to Chiapas to collaborate for 6 years  with Tzotzil and Tseltal indigenous communities and learned from the grandfathers of this Mayan traditions. Ricardo received training from Don Lauro de la Cruz (Mayan Priest) for several years.

Practisioner of the Shipibo tradition from Amazons in Peru, received the gift from Hernan Camps Yopan, Amazonic Traditional Healer in 2005.

In 2012 he  started a Peace Journey with the blessing of the Mayan Counsel, walking with Juan Carlos Reyes in  Mexico, Ricardo continued with the Peace Journey in South America and Europe.


Ricardo is also Gestalt psychotherapist, Mayan Massage therapist and Biomagnetic therapist..


Oscar Aceves

He learned the art of making flutes in the Nevada Desert, in the region of the Paiute People.

 He participated for some time in the

"Desert Cloud Flute Circle" in Henderson City, Nevada.

 He is a friend and disciple of John Bear, a Choctaw-Apache medicine man, from whom he learned to play and use flute medicine.

 Oscar Aceves, is a Gestalt psychotherapist, and Music Therapist.


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