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Dreams are seen as the existential message of our Soul, they show us how we are in relation to life and our loved ones, each image contains a message for us.
Sometimes there are recurring dreams, nightmares, details that remain in the memory for days or coincidences with our physical reality.
What do dreams tell us? how do they communicate? What is the proper interpretation and give them a use? What to do when we decode the information?
Through the work with dreams it is possible to decipher these and other questions.
Ricardo has worked with dreams for more than 25 years, first in his personal search, then in therapeutic work with Gestalt and the ancient traditions of Mexico, as well as with medicinal plants from the Amazon.

You can make a free initial assessment video call (15 minutes) with Ricardo.

First SESSION £35. (1 hour)


If there is more than one dream that you would like to work with, we recommend a set of 6 sessions to unfold the meaning of them and to star a deeper process to work emotionally with dreams.

You can pay through paypal or electronic bank transaction.

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