Dreaming cards are here!

Cost £70 (you will save between £20 and £50)
With your dreaming card, you can join us for 6 workshops, no matter the price or if they  are 3 hours workshops.
send us an e-mail if you want to get one.
We can post it to your place.
The dreaming card gives you access to 6 workshops during this year 2019 or next year 2020.
The workshops you will have access  are   1  to 3 hour workshops.
 For longer workshops, retreats, trainings or travels, you will have to pay the normal cost.
The dreaming card only applies in Sussex, Devon and Dorset area.
Every time you  want to use your dreaming card, you need to bring it and we will do a perforation  in it.
Other person can use your card see keep an eye on it. if  for any reason you lost it, let us know to cancel the one you had and give you another one with the same perforations you already have.
We can send you dreaming card through the regular post office or you can get it in our workshops.
You can make the payment through paypal or bak transfer (ask us for bank details or paypal).