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We are a group of seekers, spreaders of the ancient traditions, looking  for deep connections, during our path we have been found each other and share this spiritual practices with the modern world.

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"Bring your songs, your medicine, your rattle, drum or spiritual instrument to participate"

When social distancing, Spiritual Togetherness is necessary.
We will be broadcasting online with people across the world.

Medicine Songs to get healthier, to share High vibration of healing with the ones around you , the ones who need it at this challenging times and send our highest intentions to our beloved Pacha Mama.

If you have experienced a ceremony with sacred medicines such as Ayahuasca, Peyote, Bufo Alvarious, Ibogaina, mushrooms or others, you will know that sometimes, returning from this reality can be challenging and confusing.

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What's the difference between a normal dream and a lucid dream?, how to recognize the difference? and how to use the dreams as a source of useful information?

This practice will help you to go smoother and more conscious to the state of dreaming, it could be seen as a very vivid visualization on which we start a dialogue, an interaction with our subconscious state of mind. This is a practice based in the Transcendental Meditation and the Ancient Mayan traditions."

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Oscar Aceves
Oscar Aceves, follower of North American traditions, Gestalt psychotherapist.
Juan Carlos Reyes
Juan Carlos Reyes. Follower of mayan tradition, peace journey walker.
Romina Goni
Healer and therapist
Ricardo Goni
Founder, pilgrim of Shippibo and Mayan traditions.
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