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For this extraordinary times we decided to gather online and support each other.

Group dedicated to connect with other humans who, as many of us, may be struggling with their emotions and lives.

This is an emotional support group to talk and listen respectfully, to release, to let go and to heal.

Circle supported by ,Barbara Ferreira (movement therapist), Babi Abis (group and individual psychodrama psychotherapist) and Ricardo Goni (Gestalt pychotherapist and Mayan Ylol)

Everything we say in the circle stays in the circle.

Suggested donation; starts at £4. If you don't have the money but want to participate, let us know and we will send you the invite.

Half of the money will go to support NHS staff for them to have security material.



+REGISTER HERE[xxxxxx]/9o99vwms8n

You will receive a zoom meeting invite

Please notice, this is not a therapy group.

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